Parents in china love their children very much

   Nowadays in China, parents, especially those of teenagers, care about their children’s education more than anything else. They would do anything for their children when it comes to their education. Many of them spend most of their spare time coaching their children in their studies; those who have no time or are not able to do it have tutors hired for their children. Many have their children sent to after-class schools which are in fashion all across China. Some others even have tried to improve their living environment. It seems as if a better education is all that parents expect for their children.

  The present situation can be explained by the following reasons. First of all, the swift development of China’s economy is calling for more and more skilled and knowledgeable workers and professionals. Second, the awareness of today’s parents’ has been growing that success in this world depends more on skills and knowledge than on anything else. Lack of training or education means lack of skills and knowledge, and lack of skills and knowledge means lack of competitiveness. Last but not least, with school education becoming more and more expensive, it is only too natural for parents to expect their investment could pay off by their children’s becoming somebody or doing something great as a result of the education they have received.

  Of course, I’m happy to see much of parents’ attention paid to their children’s education. However, they should not go too far to ignore their children’s abilities and personal qualities. True, it is important to learn to succeed, but the first thing to learn is how to survive and how to be a qualified citizen. If parents can have this point in their minds and try their best to help build their children’s characters, it will bring a happy life to their children when they grow up.

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